Kitchener & Waterloo | Ontario

Route: 5.5 km
Leader: Jemcah Bergsma

Mooregate has long been a qualifying patch which has seen seasons of teams moving in and moving out. There are still some faith believers living in the neighbourhood but it would be terrific to see a team form actually living in the apartment buildings and praying weekly for the neighbourhood.

The buildings are a mix of immigrants (many muslim) and low-income Canadians. Many families live in the apartment buildings and the geared-to-income houses within the patch. The nearby Dalegrove apartments are also low-income housing.

The route will take journeyers through the Moorgate patch and by a nearby Islamic community centre. The end of the route passes through Brybeck, which does have one MoveIner in it but it could be fruitful to highlight it as it is a large patch and could really use a larger team!